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Natural FAT-burner

Once known diet grapefruit found its scientific justification. Scientists have shown that grapefruit helps to melt fat. The U.S. and European markets appears a new dietary supplement with functional fruit-based ingredient for weight loss called Sinetrol.

New natural slimming product

The main advantage of this product is that its active ingredient is completely natural origin. This is a patented extract from red orange, regular orange, grapefruit and guarana. The total quantity of fruit biofenoli estimated at 60-80%, flavonols: 10-20% Caffeine: 1-4%.

Scientific experiments

Were conducted "in vitro" and "ex vivo" studies with Sinetrol to its lipolytic activity in human adipocytes. The effect was traced by measuring the amount of released fatty acids derived from the breakdown of fats as a consequence of taking the medication.

Adipocytes obtained from 35-year-old woman were treated on the same day with Sinetrol, and some of them - with placebo and 12% guarana. Sinetrolat activates lipolysis (fat breakdown) 600 times greater than placebo and 200 times stronger than gum, used alone. Compared with the activity of caffeine as a FAT-burner, his is 12% higher.

In another experiment, two groups of overweight people took 1.4 d respectively Sinetrol / day and placebo over a period of 12 weeks. Group receiving Sinetrol, lost 5.53 percent of their body fat from the fourth and 15.6% at 12 weeks, respectively.


arrow Natural origin

arrow 100% fruit extracts

arrow Original: 100% of the Mediterranean region

arrow Powerful FAT-burner activity ("ex-vivo" study)

arrow Lack of toxicity


Each capsule contains 350 mg Sinetrol. Take 2 capsules morning and 2 at noon. Can be taken before, after or with food. For maximum effect it is advisable to combine proper diet and regular exercise.

Mechanism of action of the preparation

Lipolytic effect is via inhibition of the enzyme cyclic adenozinmonofosfat - phosphodiesterase (cAMP-phophodiesterase, PDE). Thus Sinetrol operates on three levels:

arrow "Ex vivo" - on human adipocytes

arrow Clinical - on body fat

arrow Biochemical - by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase

Free fatty acid released from the process, are compared with the amount released when using other products with known activity of lipase (izoproterenol, theophylline and caffeine).

Commercial varieties of Sinetrol

Sinetrol EXP: intended for use as a food additive. Contains 60% polyphenols and 10% flavonoids. 4 capsules, each containing 350 mg of active ingredient, deliver the necessary daily intake, based on studies of established effective dose of 1.4g.

Sinetrol WS: the same concentration as Sinetrol EXP, but 100% soluble in water, making it suitable for consumption with food and drink in solution.

Sinetrol X-Pur: highly purified product with 90% content of polyphenols and 10% flavonoids. This more concentrated version of the product is not suitable for reception with food and drink. Another advantage is that it is free of ingredients and synephrine oktopamin (<200ppm). These active components are also a natural citrus origin and support the burning of fat, but exhibit some side effects (blood pressure).

Sinetrol can serve to prevent obesity by decreasing BMI.


If you are taking antihistamines, sedatives, calcium channel blockers, imunostatitsi or preparations to lower cholesterol, before attempting to use the product or even a regular intake of fruit, grapefruit or juice thereof, must consult a doctor as a possible adverse interaction .

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